Information about the coronavirus, testing and vaccinating

Fact-based information is the way forward. We have put together all the key information for you here: Find out more about the infection situation and get the latest updates from the federal state of Bremen. We have also compiled all the important points of contact as well as answers to the most urgent questions. Our goal: to share knowledge so that we can better combat the pandemic together.

Current figures in Bremen, Lower Saxony and Germany*

Logo Deutsche Gebärdensprache
New infections 89
7-day incidence rate 219,50
Deaths 551
Currently infected 2.812
Recovered 36.237
Confirmed infections 39.593
Gültige Warnstufe HB 2
Hospitalisierungsinzidenz HB 6,18
Gültige Warnstufe BHV 2
Hospitalisierungsinzidenz BHV 7,04
New infections 1.697
7-day incidence rate 215,70
Deaths 6.346
Currently infected 29.000
Recovered 339.900
Confirmed infections 375.168
New infections 45.753
7-day incidence rate 452,20
Deaths 101.344
Currently infected 842.100
Recovered 4.893.300
Confirmed infections 5.836.813

* Quellen

Robert Koch Institut (Stand: 30.11. 03:12 Uhr)

Gesundheitsämter des Landes Bremen (Stand: 29.11. 15:00 Uhr)

General coronavirus measures

Strict adherence to the general coronavirus measures is proven to be the most effective and fastest way out of the pandemic. How to protect the lives of your family and friends:

Wear a mask over your mouth and nose (OP/FFP2 mask, where required)


Icon of a face mask

Wash hands thoroughly and regularly using soap (30 seconds)


Icon of two hands with some soap

Maintain a distance of 1.5 metres to other people: at all times and in all places (inside and outside)


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Sneeze and cough only into a tissue or your elbow. Tissues should then be disposed of immediately.

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4 facts about coronavirus vaccination

Unfortunately, false reports and disinformation continue to circulate in relation to the coronavirus. The following facts about vaccination against the coronavirus are based on completely reliable and scientific information:


The vaccines do not contain the virus itself.


The vaccination has no effect on fertility.

Animal content

The vaccines do not contain any animal products.


The vaccines work the same for all people, regardless of their gender, origin, skin colour or religion.

Coronavirus overview

Learn more about coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the respiratory disease COVID-19 on the website of the Federal Ministry of Health.

Distancing, mask, hygiene regulations

In addition to the distancing, mask, hygiene regulations, there are also further measures to avoid becoming infected with the coronavirus. These are available on the website of the Bremen Senator for Health, Women and Consumer Protection.


Information and testing options in the federal state of Bremen are available on the website of the Bremen Senator for Health, Women and Consumer Protection.


Read more about vaccination here.

Important phone numbers

for citizens with questions and medical concerns

Logo Deutsche Gebärdensprache
Bremen Public Health Department
+49 (0)421 361 15 113
Public hotline
Coronavirus info hotline
Emergency services
MEDIATION federal association
Conflict hotline
(0800) 247 36 76
Telephone counselling
(0800) 111 0 111
Task force
For entrepreneurs and self-employed people
+49 (0)421 9600 333
On-call medical service
116 117

Do you have symptoms of illness?

If you notice symptoms in yourself or have had contact with persons who are known to be infected:

Call your doctor by phone. Do not go directly to the medical practice or to the coronavirus clinic. You will discuss the next steps with your doctor and, if necessary, you will be referred to a coronavirus clinic.

Outside of regular surgery hours, you can call the on-call medical service of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians for the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen on 116 117.

Important: If you are referred to a coronavirus clinic by your doctor, do not use public transport to go to the coronavirus clinic. If the coronavirus clinic is located too far away and you do not have your own car or cannot be taken there, you can arrange for transport by ambulance following consultation with your doctor.