Information about the coronavirus, booster and vaccination

Fact-based information is the way forward. We have put together all the key information for you here: Find out more about the infection situation and get the latest updates from the federal state of Bremen. We have also compiled all the important points of contact as well as answers to the most urgent questions. Our goal: to share knowledge so that we can better combat the pandemic together.

Coronavirus overview

Learn more about coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the respiratory disease COVID-19 on the website of the Federal Ministry of Health.


Read more about vaccination here.

Why get vaccinated?

By getting vaccinated, we can ready our immune system for the coronavirus so that we will ideally not get infected with the COVID-19 disease or that it will occur in a milder form. Learn more about the importance of vaccination and read answers to frequently asked questions on this topic on the Robert Koch Institute website (content only available in German).

Information about booster vaccinations

Why get the booster vaccination?

We are only fully vaccinated and optimally protected once we have received our booster vaccination. The vaccines against the coronavirus offer effective, lasting protection against serious illness and death. However, studies show that vaccination protection declines over time. Booster vaccinations ensure continued complete protection against the coronavirus. Read more about this on the website of the Federal Ministry of Health. 

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Who should get the booster vaccination?

In general, everybody who has been fully vaccinated previously should get the booster vaccination. As older people are at a higher risk of developing a more serious illness, it is important that all those aged 70 or older be vaccinated again. Read more about this on the website of the Federal Ministry of Health. 

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Wo kann ich mich boostern lassen?

Seitdem die Impfstellen geschlossen haben, übernehmen über 450 Ärztinnen und Ärzte im Land Bremen das Impfen und Boostern. Hier geht’s zur Arztsuche

Wo erhalte ich weitere Informationen zur Booster-Impfung?

Bitte fragen Sie Ihren Arzt oder Ihre Ärztin, um aktuelle Informationen zum Coronavirus, dem Impfen und Boostern zu erhalten.