Photo gallery with various people from Bremen and the words Us. You. Everyone.

Bremen against coronavirus

It’s never been easier to be against something. To bring an end to the coronavirus pandemic as soon as possible, we are calling on all the people of Bremen to do their best: Us. You. Everyone. Show your commitment against the coronavirus and let’s do great things together. You can see here how you can get involved and who is already involved.



Get vaccinated without an appointment!

Mobile vaccination will enable many people to be reached who are otherwise unable to get vaccinated. Mobile vaccination will be available at the following times and places:

Limited parking options at Bremen vaccination centre

Due to the Sommerwiese festival on the Bürgerweide in Bremen, parking options are currently limited at the vaccination centre (Messe-Zentrum Bremen, central).


New registration list for mix-and-match vaccinations

As of 2 July 2021, all citizens of Bremen who have received their first vaccine with AstraZeneca can switch to a second vaccine with an mRNA vaccine (BioNTech or Moderna) and bring their vaccination appointment forward.

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