Why get vaccinated and get a booster?

Because it helps to put the pandemic behind us!

Us. You. Everyone. The more people who are vaccinated and who have had their booster, the quicker Bremen will be immune to the coronavirus.

  • Getting two vaccinations and a booster increases immune protection to up to 95%. 
  • The vaccinations plus booster protect against severe illness, hospitalisation and death.
  • People who are infected, but fully vaccinated, are less infectious to other people.
  • The transmission rate is slowed down, so the virus can no longer spread as easily.
  • From 1 October 2022, the vaccination status ‘fully vaccinated’ will only apply to people who have received three vaccinations. For a list of exceptions, see https://www.bundesgesundheitsministerium.de/service/gesetze-und-verordnungen/ifsg/faq-ifsg.html

By getting vaccinated, we are not just protecting ourselves, but also everybody around us. Getting vaccinated, receiving a booster, and adhering to distancing, mask, hygiene and ventilation regulations help to make sure that Bremen is victorious against the coronavirus.

Thanks for doing your bit, dear citizens of Bremen!


Current dates, times and locations

The deployment of mobile teams will continue in the coming week. The mobile teams are in the next week in the Eastern Suburbs, Gröpelingen and Hemelingen in use. In addition to the vaccination offers of the mobile teams, the vaccination trucks will also be on the road in Aumund-Hammersbeck, Osterholz, Bremen Weserstadion, Habenhausen, Marßel, Hastedt, Farge, Bremen Mitte and Walle/Utbremen in the coming week. The new vaccine from BioNTech against the Omikron variant BA4/5 is offered at all outreaches of the mobile teams and the vaccination trucks.

Increasing demand for new vaccines – appointment is recommended

As the demand for boosters with the new vaccine against the Omicron variants BA.4 and BA.5 is increasing, it is advisable to make an appointment – this applies to the vaccination centre and to the other vaccination stations in the state of Bremen.

New coronavirus basic protective measures directive for Bremen

The Senate of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen has agreed on the third coronavirus basic protective measures directive. This will be in place until 7 April 2023 throughout the state of Bremen. The main changes are in relation to the requirement to wear a mask.

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